Reddit Blindness

So, in the process of completing my website I was hunting for my Google Analytics code so I can track visitors for this site. I had set this up some time ago and turns out I also added tracking to my old Tumblr blog, so decided to take a look. Turns out a piece of work I did created quite an impression. It was an anamorphic typographic poster I built as part of my extended major project whilst in my final year at the Arts University College in Bournemouth.


The poster was made out of 176 laser cut and engraved pyramids, which were hand assembled. The result is an indecipherable array of pyramids that form words when viewed straight on, however move to the left or right and the letters are distorted.


I was conducting a study in curiosity at the time, so seemed a fitting medium to experiment with. The poster encouraged movement, sight and touch as I used GF Smith Plike (which has a rubbery texture). The array of pyramids also encouraged people to touch the many points.


The post on Tumblr got around 470 ‘note’ so likes or re-blogs. Sufficer to say it was quite a nice feeling at the time. Any way how is Reddit involved. Well my Tumblr post was linked to some comments on Reddit where a discussion was had about how had I made this poster and were there other ways of producing it.


Now I have never used or been on Reddit before (I am aware of it though). With a quick browse I am immediately put off, just because of the site design. I find it hard to interact with poor UI/UX (I am also terrible to go to dinner with; if the menu is bad I find it hard to actually read the content – call it menu blindness). But design aside, what I find to be a real shame is that this discussion about my work was had without my input. It was someone linking a picture and discussing with others without talking to me. It would have been great fun to have been involved in the discussion at the time (11 months ago from when I am writing this) and would of actually saved the person alot of time as I could of just shared how I made it in the first place.


It was fun to read the speculation and the decifering of my terrible description of what I had created. What it highlights is that my poor description of what I had made led people to think it took me eight months to build the thing… when in reality it probably took 1–2 weeks, involved projecting type onto blank array of pyramids, drawing round the letters, unfolding the pyramids, scanning them in and creating outlines in illustrator that could be sent to the laser cutter.


Things like Reddit, Tumblr and now Pinterest are great sites, however I feel alot of work gets put out there, reblogged, shared and commented on without the original source creator even being made aware of it. As a designer I welcome comment on my work, it helps me evolve and improve as a designer… I can only hope that if more of my work creates enough of a buzz to warrant a discussion I will find out in time so I can have a good ol’ chin-wag.


Take a look at the original Tumblr post here


I also remade the poster a little better, with better pictures (and managed to sell one!). Take a look at that here


And finally the Reddit stream of comments can be viewed here


Also if you made it this far, thanks for reading : )



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